Master of Engineering Management

From planning to completion, engineering managers are involved in nearly every aspect of engineering projects. Engineering managers need strong business administration and leadership abilities in order to supervise employees, manage finances, and ensure the ultimate success of the jobs they oversee. Not only must they demonstrate technical expertise in their particular field, they also require excellent communication skills to coordinate with other managers, contractors, suppliers, and customers in an effective and professional manner.

The demand for leaders in today’s engineering fields is expected to increase, especially in growing areas such as environmental and biomedical engineering. Lawrence Technological University’s Master of Engineering Management is designed for professionals with diverse backgrounds – program management, engineering, quality, manufacturing, production control, management information systems, and other technical fields – who wish to expand their knowledge and advance their career.

You can also receive the same rigorous education we provide in our campus program fully online. Receive your Master of Engineering Management flexibly -- while working full-time -- from the same prestigious, industry expert faculty who teach on our ground campus.

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"This is my final semester at Lawrence Tech. Engineering Management. I had a great experience with better teaching techniques, projects related to real industrial experience which I can really say that it's a splendid journey experiencing great knowledgeable guide to the career..."
-- Rahul Kasam, International Indian graduate student Director of Publications (IEOM) Society Student chapter, Lawrence Tech.

"The Engineering Management degree program at Lawrence Tech. has opened up many chances and opportunities for me to get a great job in any engineering field. It have has expanded my vision in quality control, managing quality, six sigma, lean manufacturing, etc. Having engineering management, as my master’s major is such a phenomenal improvement to my engineering experiences with such developing quality of the products, growth of supply chain management and improvement of supplier devolvement. Overall, I highly recommend to engineers to join the MEM program at LTU."
-- Mubarak Alhamdan, International student, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

"After two semesters in the Master of Engineering Management program at Lawrence Tech. I have been able to correlate course load topics to everyday tasks and help identify areas of improvement within my company. Through lean activities I have been able to more effectively contribute by helping in alleviating real world waste issues within our manufacturing plants. These contributions are positive reinforcements that in continuing my education I am more effective and confident that I can take on a role of higher responsibility."
-- David Shepler, Product Development Engineer, Cooper Standard

"Lawrence Tech’s Master of Engineering Management program have improved my skills as Quality process specialist at FCA, I have gained more experience in quality Engineering Systems and gave me the opportunity to apply quality tools I learned at my workplace and gave me wider vision on industries expectations."
-- Hamze Merhi, Quality Process Specialist, FCA

Curriculum Flowchart [PDF]

2 year study plan

Core Courses

EEM 6583 Enterprise Productivity
EIE 6673 Six Sigma Processes
EMS 6713 Production Planning and Control
EEM 6753 Engineering Supply Chain Mgt.
EEM 6763 Quality Engineering Systems
EEM 6803 Engineering Management
EMS 7613 Technology Management

Online Only
You can also receive the same rigorous education we provide in our campus program fully online. Receive your Master of Engineering Management flexibly -- while working full-time -- from the same prestigious, industry expert faculty who teach on our ground campus.

Elective Courses (select five)

EME 5513 Lean Manufacturing Systems
EME 5623 Product Development and Sustainability
EEM 6143 Hazardous Materials Management
EMS 6203* Advanced Manufacturing Processes
EMS 6343 Automotive Manufacturing
EMS 6403* Quality Control
EMS 6603 Engineering Economics
EIE 6653 Advanced Optimization Techniques
EIE 6663* Applied Stochastic Processes
EMS 6703 Manufacturing Systems
EME 6723 Special Topics in Engineering Management
EEM 6743 Value Engineering Management
EMS 6823 Product Innovation and Design
EME 6993 Graduate Directed Study
MBA 7056 Project Management
MBA 6043 Global Leadership
MGT 6043 Enterprise Information Technology
*Open only to engineering majors

Other electives: Students may take ONE elective course (6XXX) in management, electrical engineering, computer engineering, civil engineering, applied science, or other disciplines ONLY with the approval of the MEM director.

Admission to the Master of Engineering Management program requires:

  1. Submission of the Application for Graduate Admission;
  2. A Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Engineering Technology, science, mathematics, or computer science or equivalent degree from an accredited (or equivalent) university (minimum GPA of 3.0);
  3. Official transcripts of all completed college work;
  4. One letter of recommendation;
  5. A resume, including professional experiences and extracurricular activities.

Applicants who do not meet all conditions for regular admissions may be admitted on a provisional basis as determined by the Graduate Admissions Committee of the College of Engineering. The applicant will be evaluated for official graduate student status upon completion of six semester hours of graduate course work, achieving a minimum grade of 3.0 in each course, at the University.

Students with provisional admission status may be required to take additional pre-courses to meet the program admission requirements.