Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). It is an application used to determine eligibility for need based federal, state and Lawrence Tech institutional aid programs. Based on this application you may be eligible for grants, loans and work study.


Lawrence Technological University school code is: 002279

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Depending on your financial need, you may borrow subsidized money for an amount up to the annual loan-borrowing limit. Students must demonstrate financial need to apply for a subsidized loan. If you are eligible for a subsidized loan, the government will pay the interest while you are in school, for the first six months after you leave school, and when you qualify to have your payments deferred. Unlike a subsidized loan, the student is responsible for the interest from the time the unsubsidized loan is disbursed until it is paid in full. You can choose to pay the interest or allow it to accumulate and be added to the principal amount of your loan.

After accepting the loan offered, a new borrower will need to complete Entrance Counseling and electronically sign a Master Promissory Note. Funds will then be delivered electronically to Lawrence Tech and disbursed to the student’s tuition account.

Returning borrowers who did not previously borrow from the Federal Direct Loan Program will also need to complete Entrance Counseling and sign a new Master Promissory Note with the Federal Direct Loan Program. Use the above link to begin the process.

Student and parent borrowers of federal loans have the right to cancel their loan disbursements within 14 days of the disbursement notice. Should you decide to cancel the disbursement of your Federal Direct Loan, you should contact the One Stop Center at in writing within the specified time period. By canceling the disbursement, you will be responsible for any unpaid tuition and fees, as well as repayment of loan funds already paid to you.

Any excess funds will be refunded to student borrower from Business Services with in 14 days of a credit balance on their accounts


Additional Information about Student Loans

Lawrence Tech strongly encourages you to do your research before choosing a private loan lender to meet your needs. Please refer to the links below for additional information to help you choose your loan options wisely.

Federal Direct Student Loan Program
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